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For our Suppliers / Para nuestros Proveedores

Our Company

Dima has been a Toy Importer and Wholesaler since 1974. We cover all the Colombian market segments. Today, Dima is the largest Toy Importer & Wholesaler in Colombia and has a recognized strength in three market segments:

  • Distributors & Wholesalers: Distributors with and without chains of retail stores around the country, we make special emphasis on mid-sized regional customers and focus on developing exclusive distributors with strong local capabilities.
  • Big Retailers: We sell to all the strongest retail store chains in our country.
  • Institutional: addresses the specific needs of companies that traditionally provide year end gifts to the children of their employees. In this segment we have a wide customer portfolio, based on “Semana Magazine”, 60% of Colombia's biggest companies are customers of Dima Juguetes.


These values made us a unique organization; we are determined to work & live happy!

  • Accountability / Execution: We do what’s needed when it’s needed, and we understand that our work is part of a chain, if I deliver others can also deliver.
  • Respect: Both in simple actions and those of greatest impact. Respect for our customers, colleagues and to our company.
  • Honesty: Sincerity in behaviour and words. I do my best during my performance.
  • Teamwork: Only with excellent communication we can work well together. Communication allows us to coordinate actions, integrate, motivate and make things happen.
  • Warmth: To our clients and among ourselves.

Social Responsibility Policy

We are committed to managing Dima Juguetes with the highest standards of CSR. We are responsible with our environment. We work to make a difference, and have specific policies for each stakeholder group: customers, employees and their families, community and environment, providers & stockholders.

Quality of our products

Dima has a team of 3 people traveling to Asia at least 2 times per. These team works on understanding global market changes and in deepening relationships with our suppliers. The team is constantly searching for innovation and has developed over the years an in-situ knowledge of factories in mainland China. Each of the purchasing committee members spends a great part of the year in Asia for this purpose. We represent over 50 China factories in the Colombian market. We only import products that comply with EN71 and that have a CE mark.